What is “coworking”?

Being involved in Lancaster’s coworking space – The Candy Factory – has had tangible benefits for my business through increased networking, collaboration, sharing of ideas and resources. In fact, right now some of my projects are collaborations between myself and others working at The Candy Factory.
So what is coworking anyway?

I came across this video that does a much better job of explaining the movement than I can. Enjoy.


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I’ve been using Facebook for a while, but only recently created a business page for Greg Yoder Graphic Design. Check it out, and when you get there, click “Like” so that you can follow me.

My new logo

A designer’s biggest challenge is often developing their own logo/brand. Doing this work for a client seems so much more clear-cut. After working on my logo on-again-off-again for a number of weeks, I arrived at a solution that I felt represented me well.

Welcome to my freshly revamped site!

At long last, gregyoder.com has a new look and fresh content. For the last few years it was a classic case of “The cobblers children not having shoes.” My own website hadn’t been a good reflection of the skills and attention to detail that I put into practice for my client work. So that all has changed. Please take a look around. I plan to add project images and photos to this blog section of the site regularly, so keep checking back to keep tabs on what I’m doing.