Out with the old, in with the new

Website - old and new

One of my goals this year (2015) was to update my logo and website, and do a better job of communicating the narrowing focus of my business which centers on two things:

  1. Custom websites
  2. Visual identity design.

I had done my previous logo and website back in 2011, and I felt that my own things were starting to look a little dusty. No problem… I gave my logo a facelift and created an updated WordPress theme to do a better job of showing my work. Take a look around. I plan to build out a few more features and add more projects and blog posts soon.

Logo Update

Logo - old and new

Super-charged WordPress Website Hosting

Thanks to Austin Ginder of Anchor Hosting for all his help recently. In addition to my own site, I’ve been moving my client sites over to his hosting platform. It is fine-tuned especially for WordPress sites, and includes a layer of management that you don’t get with a typical hosting plan. If you’re a WordPress website owner, see what he can do for your site. As a managed WordPress hosting service, he eliminates a lot of the technical headaches that can sometimes go along with running a WordPress site over the course of time.