A new name and an updated brand

In my last post I wrote about SalesMedics and their updated visual identity / website that I had recently completed. As it turned out, in the several weeks since we had launched the new website, their business had been expanding beyond their original scope and focus. In the process of retooling and refocusing, they realized the original SalesMedics name no longer reflected their current emphasis for leadership development work. So what happens when the original brand no longer accurately reflects the current business?

Time to adapt. Does that mean throwing out all that we’ve recently done for SalesMedics? We decided much of what we had done for SalesMedics could remain, while other things would have to change. We developed a plan of action and a deadline of just a few short weeks. In many ways, this was the culmination of a rebranding project that had begun several months ago. With some twists and turns, a new company has emerged.

Introducing Swatera Consulting Group

From the owners of Swatera Consulting Group (formerly SalesMedics) . . . “Swatera and its symbolism represent the natural, harmonious and synchronistic flow created within the client environment in which we serve.”

Swatera Consulting Group

It was my charge to develop a new logo and visual identity. After extensive exploration of visual concepts, we narrowed it down to a final design. One visual link to the previous SalesMedics logo is that we were able to continue using the same family of fonts. Overall though, it was a totally new logo, new colors, and a new tagline – “Leadership cultivated” – to reflect the new Swatera brand.


Adapting the website

The custom-designed site I had done for SalesMedics was able to be adapted to work for the new brand. The color palette needed to be updated, as well as the content, and some of the images. I efficiently adapted the visual styling, and the Swatera team worked on changing the site’s written content . . . using the power of WordPress as a content management system.

Swatera Homepage