Looking back at an older project – banner design

I’ve got a lot of exciting projects in the works for 2012. However, I’d also like to use this blog to highlight some past projects I’ve done over the years.

Back in 2004, Lancaster Theological Seminary asked me to design a banner for their graduating class at the time. The theme was “Called to Serve.” After exploring some different ideas, I settled on this concept . . .

Example of one of the traced hands

Each graduating class member did a tracing of their hand on a white sheet of paper. We scanned the papers and then I did a vector art tracing of the hands to use as part of the final artwork that I created in Adobe Illustrator. The hands appear to be launching out into the world.

The banners are used outside the LTS main building at various times. It was a fun project, and I really liked the participatory aspect of how each graduate had a “hand” in the final artwork.